Church of St. Elizabeth

Church of St. Elizabeth

The parish church, consecrated in 1251 to St. Elizabeth, stands in the centre of the town core of Slovenj Gradec, on the axis of the main town transversal and market street. Its foundation was a Romanesque nave that was Gothicised around 1400. The unified nave was vaulted in the 17th century and the long choir was vaulted in late Gothic style around 1500. Joseph's Chapel and the Cross Chapel were added on the south side in Baroque.  Several late Gothic tombstones are built in the inner walls of the nave.

In the church there are extremely rich, well maintained Baroque fittings displayed in an interesting way. The main altar was made by Janez Jakob Schoy, and the painting of St. Elizabeth is the work of the local master Franc Mihael Strauss. The side altars were designed in the second half of the 18th century by Jakob Jurij Mersi. The pulpit, which has extremely luxurious figural ornamentation, is his work as well (1763). The paintings in the side altars were painted by Janez Andrej Strauss and Mihael Skobl.



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