House of masterpices Perger 1757

House of masterpices Perger 1757

In Slovenj Gradec you can meet one and only European gingerbread and candle maker with tradition from 1757 year. The Perger family have been master makers of a broad range of honey and honeycomb products since 1757, when it yielded the first generation of gingerbread and candle makers. Vast tehnological knowledge and family secrets have been passed down from generation to generation.

Are you interested in how we produce gingerbread hearts and other products of gingerbread? Maybe how we produce real wax candles? You can also try the best home made sweets free of preservatives and artificial colors?

Today the Perger gingerbread and candle makers workshop is the only one making traditional gingerbread products and candles (honey pastry, a range of gingerbread products, mead, honey brandy, candles for various occasion that mark important milestones in human life) and modern products that originate from the rich foundations of historical memory (energy candles, designed by Oskar Kogoj, energy heart, organic honey non alcoholic drink-OL,..).

House of masterpieces Perger 1757 is one of the most interesting tourist points in Slovenia and thus also of Slovenj Gradec, since every visitor meets with more than two and a half centuries old heritage gingerbread and candle making craft.

All this and more you will learn and enjoy at the only European gingerbread and candle maker with tradition since 1757 which is already famous around the world by its tradition and products.



Hiša mojstrovin Perger 1757

Glavni trg 34
2380 Slovenj Gradec
Phone:++ 386 2 88 41 496; ++ 386 41 66 88 98
E- mail:

Web site:


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