Mountain lodges

Mountain lodges

Mountain lodge Partizanski dom

CLOSED until further notice

The Partizanski dom mountain lodge is located at the foot of Mala Kopa and offers breathtaking views over the Mislinja Valley and Drava Valley just nearby. If you climb a little higher, you will be enraptured by the Drava Valley and the slopes of Austria. The mountain lodge is located next to the ski slope, only 80m from the Kaštivnik four-person chairlift.
The Partizanski dom mountain lodge can be accessed by an 18km long road from Slovenj Gradec or by the Kaštivnik four-person chairlift from Vuzenica.

Service: overnight acommodation, overnight acommodation with breakfast included, half board and full board

Glavni trg 1, 2380  Slovenj Gradec
Phone:++ 386 2 884 62 85, ++ 386 2 881 21 16

PE Partizanski dom Kope
Legen 168, 2383 Šmartno pri   Slovenj Gradcu
Phone:++ 386 2 828 00 20

Grmovšek Mountain Lodge

Grmovšek lodge is a cosy mountain lodge with 68 beds, a wide restaurant with 120 spaces, a wide terrace and a pub. It is located 50 m from the first ski slope, and 16 km from Slovenj Gradec. You can get real Pohorje specialities in the lodge. A great terrace with deck chair is inviting to enjoy on the sun - during winter or summer. You can find good company and party in Holcer pub at night. During winter season you can use a ski room to deposit your ski equipment. During summer season Grmovšek lodge is a perfect starting point for many Pohorje paths.

Grmovšek lodge is open all year, Sundays and holidays too, you can come to the reception every day from 8:00 to 22:00.

Phone:++ 386 2 883 98 60 Faks: 02 88 39 858
E- mail:


Mountain lodge Poštarski dom beneath Plešivcem

Poštarski dom under Plešivec stands on a sunny clearing on the forest border on the eastern slope of Kozji hrbet. The first smaler cottage was built by the workers of the district post office Slovenj Gradec and opened in 1955. The enlarged and modernized post was opened in 1955. The enlarged and modernized post was opened in 1987 and named in Poštarski dom. It is opened oll the time; three catering places there are 100 seats and 38 beds in 10 rooms. There is also picnic spot beside and a smaller ski slope in the winter.

Sele 34
2380  Slovenj Gradec
Phone: ++ 386 2 822 10 55

Mountain lodge on Kremžerjev vrh

Gradišče 30
2380  Slovenj Gradec
Phone: ++ 386 2 884 48 83

Mountain lodge on Uršlja gora

The cottage stands just above the top of Uršlja gora (1696m), beside the church of St. Ursula. On the top of the mountain there is a building with a TV tower. The first cotage was burned during the World War II. After the war, the cottage was taken over the mountain club Prevalje; they renovated it and re-opened in on 22 August 1948. In the years 1980-1983 they built a big, modern extension and connected it with the thoroughly renovated old post. This enlarged and renovated cottage was opened on 17 June 1984 at the 65th anniversary of the Mountain club Prevalje.
The cottage is open from the beginning of June until the end of September; otherwise it opens on Saturdays, , Sundays and on holidays. There are 100 seats in the catering place and 120 at the tables in front of the cottage. There are olso 60 beds in 11 rooms, and in two dormitory accommodation there are 22 beds. The new part of the cottage has a central heating.

Phone: ++ 386 2 822 10 55

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