Tourist farms

Tourist farms

Tourist Farm Klevž

The Klevž tourist farm is located by the road leading from Slovenj Gradec towards Kope ski resort, set amidst forests and meadows which urge the traveller to linger.

Housewife Helena is a true expert in the preparation of Carinthian food, including ‘mežerli’ (a Slovenian national dish made of veal or lamb), buckwheat žganci, štruklji, home-made bread and many other delicacies. The menu is also suitable for vegetarians. To the cold cuts, which the housewife complements with home-made cottage cheese, lard spread and pâté, the master is happy to offer a drop of home-made brandy or a carafe of cider.

There is so much to do in the area, including a visit to Ivarčko lake, the church of Sv Jurij with its interesting archeological finds, Uršlja gora and Kope, only a few kilometres away so no visitor will have time to get bored. Upon request, your hosts will be happy to take you along the traditional craft path or the Bernekar path, while by an arrangement with the riding club you may choose to take a horse-drawn carriage or wagon ride. You may also join them in their work around the farm or visit Helena in her kitchen, where she might reveal a trick or two to you about the cuisine of Carinthia. 

Tourist Farm Klevž
Legen 151
2383  Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu
Phone: ++ 386 2 885 30 69 (4 rooms, 9 beds),

Tourist Farm Plesnik

This farm is situated in Legen, near Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu, on the regional road leading to the well-known ski centre of Kope and is an excellent choice for all those who enjoy snowy adventures in winter.

The four members of the family who run the farm are a mine of information about local traditions and customs and are experts on herbal remedies. A stay on the farm is an excellent opportunity to discover the varied flavours of the cuisine of the Koroška region. And if you buy some home-made honey, jam made with the farm's own fruit and delicious apple juice, you can continue to spoil your taste buds even when your visit to the farm is merely a pleasant memory

Families with children are more than welcome on the farm, which has its own children's playground. If you love nature, your hosts will invite you to watch the sunset or try birdwatching.
The farm is also an excellent starting-point for various hikes and cycling trails and for visits to Uršlja Gora, Peca, Raduha, the Ribnica lakes and so on. The Berneker Trail begins on the farm.  A visit to nearby Slovenj Gradec with the landlady Helena, who is a licensed local tourist guide, is an unforgettable experience.

Tourist Farm  Rotovnik - Plesnik
Legen 134, 2383  Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu
Phone:  ++ 386 2 885 36 66  ( 4 rooms, 15 beds),


Tourist Farm Stojan

The estate is on the sunny fringe of the forests of Pohorje where the barely touched countryside is immersed in the soft panorama of the forested hills. It entices visitors all year round while the homely ambience of the Carinthian farmstead also affords inspiration for the world of business.

In addition to modernly-furnished rooms and apartments, the Stojan estate also boasts rooms for seminars and business activities, equipped with broadband telecommunication access and the most modern multimedia facilities. It is thus an ideal choice for business meetings and smaller seminars. At the end of a hard day’s work, why not spend a while relaxing in one of the three saunas or two Jacuzzis, the small fitness studio or the winter-summer pool.

Otherwise, you may simply enjoy a stroll around the farm, where a variety of animals graze, follow the Berneker or Puščavnik trails, visit the church of Sv Jurij or take on Uršlja gora. In winter, there is a chance to go skiing at Kope ski-recreational centre, a mere 12 kilometres away.
However, as an old saying puts it, the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach, so your hosts will pamper you with excellent home-made food and you may become acquainted with traditional Carinthian cuisine, enriched with fresh trout or delicacies for vegetarians.

Tourist Farm Stojanu
Legen 178, 2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu
Phone: ++ 386 -51-313-333, 02 88 22 120 ( 6 rooms, 16 beds)

Tourist Farm Lešnik

The Lešnik organic tourist farm is very child-friendly, preserving tradition, common customs and people¨s poetry. The farm offers an apartment and rooms.

The setting of the farm is a comfortable 700 meters above see level, ideal starting point for numerous execursions and themed trails. It is just 5km from Slovenj Gradec, 6km from a sport airport, 3km from a riding club and the church of Sv. Jurij, which is now an attractive museum and 9km from Kope ski centre.

The surrounding area provides numerous possibilities for mountain biking, paragliding (it is possible to land on the farm) and sledging or skiing in winter.

Tourist Farm Lešnik
Golavabuka 24
2383  Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu
Phone:++ 386 2 885 36 01 (apartment 4+2, three bed rooms and four bed rooms)

Tourist Farm Ravnjak

You can find tourist farm Ravnjak in highlands of Koroška - north-east part of Slovenia. Farm lies in a foothills of Uršlja gora, just a bit outrange of cities Slovenj Gradec and Ravne na Koroškem.

Our home has a beautiful vista on the Mariborsko Pohorje, Kope, Uršlja gora and Alps. The farm’s location is ideal for everyone, who desire peace and silence, but also for those, who enjoy active vacations. We would love to show you a beautiful torrential canyon and water-mill in the summer or you can go sledding with us in the winter.

Tourist Farm Ravnjak
Sele 37
2380  Slovenj Gradec
Phone: ++ 386 2 822 30 41 (4 apartments for 2-5 persons),

Tourist Farm Samec

If you want to spend the holidays, or just a weekend in the countryside and if you need to break out of the city's hustle and bustle, you can relax in a wooden granary - a holiday cottage in an idyllic setting. The farm Samec is located in the small village of Sele. The farm’s location is ideal for everyone, who seeks relaxation, however, it is ideal to reach various destinations, such as Slovenj Gradec, Kope, Ivarčko Lake, the Dwarves Land, Mount Uršlja gora and Mount Peca.

Tourist farm Samec
Sele 25, 2380  Slovenj Gradec
Phone:++ 386 51 378 321 ( apartment for 2-6 persons),


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