Hiking Paths:

Berneker's Path

Berneker's Path is dedicated to one of the most important Slovenian impressionist sculptors Franc Berneker. The path is equestrian and suitable for hiking and cycling. It spreads along the west slopes of Pohorje to Mala Kopa. The shorter, hiking path, is 7.5 km long; however, the longer, cycling path, is 27 km long. It was built in 2004, based on the initiative of the inhabitants of Legen near Slovenj Gradec. The path is marked by wooden direction boards (symbolised by the shape of a house, signs on the tree trunks, however, for the cyclists the signs show ‘a cyclist’). The path starts at Gostilna Plesnik, from the path you can also see the Church of St. Barbara and the remains of Berneker's birth house. The path also goes past the ecological farms Krenker and Golob and the tourist farm Klevž.

Meško's Path

Meško's Path is dedicated to the priest and writer Fran Ksaver Meško who lived in Sele below Uršlja gora. The path is partly hiking, partly cycling and partly equestrian, it is 14 km long and can be walked in 5 hours. It leads across the area of the villages of Sele and Vrhe at the foot of Uršlja gora and it spreads from the Church of St. Rochus (sv. Rok) to the Church of St. Agnes (sv. Neža). The path was built in 2001 on the initiative of the inhabitants of Sele, Vrh and a part of Gmajna in the framework of executing the CRPOV project and in cooperation with the company NEGOJ d.o.o. The path is marked by direction boards, marks on the tree trunks and hayracks with maps of the path situated at the starting points. From the path it is possible to view both previously mentioned churches, Meško's grave by the Church of St. Rochus, and Meško's room in the vicarage. The caretaker of the path is the Murn Tourist Association which organises walks twice a year (the night and autumn); however, on Meško's anniversary it organises literary evenings (in cooperation with the Parish Office).

Plešivec Hiking Path

The path leads across the picturesque hillsides of Uršlja gora and reveals the beauties and attractions of the world far from the busy roads. The path has a relaxation, recreational, educational, social and tourist character. The starting point of the path is at gostilna Suhadolnik in Suhi dol which is located 10 km from Slovenj Gradec. The walk lasts approximately 4 hours (the path is 10 km long). The path was established in 2002 with the cooperation of the Slovenian Forest Association, Slovenj Gradec Local Unit, Slovenj Gradec Tourist Association, Vocational Timber and Catering School Slovenj Gradec and individuals who live by the path. It is marked by wooden hayracks and information boards at all the control points and marks on the tree trunks. Along the path you can see the wetlands of the Plešivški mill, rare animals and plants, however, you may stop for refreshment at the Vernšek farm where they serve lamb roasted in the farmhouse oven.

The Path of Local Crafts

Along the Path of Local Crafts is the cultural and ethnological path that leads across Šmartno, Golavabuka and Legen. The basic theme of the path is getting to know the traditional paths which are characteristic of the countryside. Along the path, hikers can get to know mill and saw trades as well as forging and old habits, works and tools.  The path was built in 2000 on the initiative of the inhabitants of Legen and Šmartna under the cover of the Slovenj Gradec Entrepreneurial Centre. It is 5 km long and can be walked in a little more than 3 hours.  The path is marked by wooden direction boards. Along the path you can see different attractions such as: Štibler's linden, Church of St. Martin, plague memorial and the Church of St. George (sv. Jurij). 

Path to Rahtelov Vrh

The central theme of the Rahtelov vrh Forest Educational Path (Gozdno-učna pot Rahtelov vrh) is "THE FOREST OF MY TOWN". The path was established with the cooperation of the Forestry Administration Slovenj Gradec, Vocational Timber and Catering School Slovenj Gradec, Local Infrastructure Division Slovenj Gradec and Rahtel Tourist Centre. It is 4 km long. Along the way, visitors can combine learning with having fun and on their walk through the forest they can get to know specific attractions, such as the viewing points and several kinds of trees. The Path to Rahtelov vrh starts at the parking place at the Fecro industrial zone, in the immediate vicinity of Gostilna Murko. The line of the path crosses the abandoned railway track and leads through the forests east and northeast of Gmajna. Along the path it is possible to look at the varied animal world. From the top there is a beautiful view over the town and the whole upper part of Mislinja Valley with its surrounding hills. The purpose of the entire path is to get to know the forest and it is, therefore, appropriate for all age group.

Hermit's Path

The Hermit's Path was built after the story of the Hermit (Puščavnik), the folk poet who used to live in the forests below the Vodriž Castle. The path leads past mighty trees that fill us with their healing energy. For hikers it has a recreational, educational and healing character. You can start the path from two directions: from Podgorje or from Šmiklavž. It leads across undemanding terrain through the forest. It is 7 km long and can be walked in 3 hours. The path was built in 2004 on the initiative of the members of a study circle who planted a total of 25 trees by the path. The path is marked by the symbol of a pigeon. A viewing of the ruins of the Vodriž Castle, which is a typical example of a Gothic castle, is possible along the path. If you lean your back on the individual trees by the path you can feel the change of energy.

The Path of Romans

The Path of Romans was built after the traces of one of the ancient trading paths. For hikers it has a recreational, educational and tourist character. From Slovenj Gradec the path leads past the marked Roman burial ground Colatio and along the settlement Sele. The path is 10 km long and takes approximately 4 hours. It is marked by wooden signposts and marks on trees (mark of a horseman). By the path you can have refreshments in the Apačnik or Polanar homesteads, as well as visit the Church of St. Nicholas (Sv. Miklavž). You can arrange for a guided tour of the path at the tourist office of Slovenj Gradec Municipality or at the Cultural Association Ksaver Meško Sele-Vrhe, which is also the official caretaker of the path.

Path Into the Dwarves' Land

The Path Into The Dwarves' Land connects the past with the present and reminds us of the creatures already mentioned by our ancestors. It is dedicated to the old, young and to children and has an educational, social and relaxation character.  The path leads along the roads and cart tracks of the settlement Gmajne and is linked to the Forest Teaching Path (Gozdna učna pot) Rahtelov vrh. The path was established in 2004 on the initiative of the Kragelnik family from Gmajna and with the cooperation of the Tourist Association Slovenj Gradec, the Cultural Association Ksaver-Meško Sele and Educational-protective Association Slovenj Gradec. It is marked by wooden informative hayracks, however, the path is marked even more extensively during an event that takes place every year in the month of October. The path is 6 km long and can be walked in 2 hours.

Cycling routes:

On the wide area of Uršlja gora, there are many public and forest ways that are suitable for cycling. We are presenting only one of many ways around Uršlja gora and this is the transversal of Uršlja gora (Uršljegorska transverzala). It is 40,88 kilimeters long and medium difficulty, you can ride it in 2 to 4 hours, depends on your physical condition. You can get to the track from several directions; from Slovenj Gradec in the direction Podgorje - Zgornji Razbor, Podgorje - Suhi dol; from Raduše - Stari trg - Sele - Vrhe, and from Ravne na Koroškem in the direction Rimski vrelec - Ivarčko from Naravske Ledine.

The biking route connects hamlets and lonely farms that are located around Uršlja gora.


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