Carinthian regional museum of Slovenj Gradec

The Carinthian Regional Museum is the central museum institution in Koroška carrying out the public service of protecting movable cultural heritage in the twelve municipalities of Koroška, and also cooperating with Slovenes in Austrian Carinthia through special programmes. Their mission and collection policies are centred on protecting, collecting, studying, presenting, popularizing and preservingiron industry, mining and other technical heritage, ethnological heritage and local vernacular culture, as well as collecting art and culture-historical materials from all periods. A special emphasis is laid on protecting archaeological heritage, and systematically researching and completing contemporary history collections.

Carinthian Regional Museum

Glavni trg 24
2380 Slovenj Gradec
Phone.: +386 2 884 20 55,
Fax: +386 2 62 12 522

Web site :

Carinthian Gallery of Fine Arts

The specific collections of the Carinthian Gallery of Fine arts are made from gifts, bequests and planned purchases aimed at the collection of works of arts of so-called engaged arts. With major international exhibitions, we have created a splendid international collection, however, the donation of the entire body of work of the Italian sculptor and conceptualist Pino Poggi is the basis for the layout of the museum of so-called social arts. The regional arts collection includes works by modern artists from both sides of the Carinthian border, and special collections including donations of a major number of works of art which are dedicated to Bogdan Borčić, Valentin Oman and Štefan Planinc. Special attention is given to the collection of works of the incredible Jože Tisnikar that is known to the world as a self-taught painter, and this collection is supplemented with a “homage to Tisnikar” collection with the artwork of Slovenian and foreign masters of the related poetics in the arts. The gallery with its annual exhibition programme presents actual home and foreign works from the area of visual arts, and is active in the Slovenian and international artistic events.


Carinthian Gallery of Fine Arts

Glavni trg 24
2380  Slovenj Gradec
Phone: ++386 2 882 21 31, ++386 2 884 12 83
Fax: ++386 2 882 21 30

Web site:


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