Rotenturn Manor

Rotenturn Manor

Rotenturn Manor stands on the edge of the old city core of Slovenj Gradec. This picturesque manor with its arcades and beautiful Baroque portal grew through many reconstructions from an original defence tower first mentioned in the 15th century and from part of town walls. The exemplary renovations of recent years have given it warmth and feeling of domesticity without depriving it of any of the beauty impressed on it mainly by the last major reconstruction in the 18th century.

Rotenturn is still closely linked to the life of the town. Today it houses the offices of the Municipality of Slovenj Gradec and the mayor. The atrium of the manor has also become the central entertainment venue of Slovenj Gradec. Along with its rich cultural program, the Slovenj Gradec Summer Festival provides plenty of entertainment and merriment, attracting visitors from near and far.



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