The Plešivec Mill

The Plešivec Mill

At the beginning of the idyllic valley above the Kaštel gorge, you will find the Plešivški mill. The first owner of the Plešivški mill about 500 years ago was count Plešivčnik. In this mill, the count and nearby farmers who had their own grain used to mill. The mill operated until 1958, but then it couldn’t be used any more as it was too worn.In 2005, foresters first restored the lake, then they restored the walls which were nearly levelled to the ground, and subsequently the mill was restored to its original design and on 30 August 2008, the mill was again driven by water after such a long time. Besides the mill, there is an avenue of horse chestnut trees, and at an altitude of 860m, it is certainly unique in Slovenia.



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